Understand the Integrated Organization of your Brain. Take Our Online Course on Multiscale Brain

Are you a medical science professional, sonographer or a creative artificial intelligence expert among other professionals who want to understand how the brain functions as an integrated unit from a technology perspective, then you shouldn’t miss a chance to take this course? This course presents you with the understanding of the different scales and organization of the brain. Further, it studies the roles of genes, cells, microcircuits, channels and even the whole brain regions that are peculiar to different types of behavior. This automatically improves your craft as an automation. Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning professional. This is because you will be having perception to action and implementation insights into your projects.

More than this, you will be exposed to the latest data, models and techniques that can be used in the investigation of different levels of the brain. This will most likely generate new insights for you whilst also helping to derive new theories.

Why this course?

Multi-scale brain is an advanced level course that is simply synthesized and made open for every one as an introductory course. However, you might need previous knowledge in biology and life sciences. The course is made available in English both in text and video transcript format. Useful prerequisite knowledge is ordinary differential equation and their numerical solutions. Knowledge of is as essential too. Specifically, you might be needing knowledge in one of Python, C++, Java, MATLAB or R. Specifically, the multi-scale brain course will expose you to;

- An explanation and exposition of the contrast between different visualization, mapping and modelling techniques for single cells, larger circuit of neurons, synaptic fields and long-range interactions between cortical areas

- Specialized way of classification for neurons

- Relativity between cell morphology to their functions

- And the use of brain atlases as well as modelling tools.

Specific Scopes of training for this course

The multiscale brain course will present as an introductory course covering initial details and important knowledge base in the genetic mapping of the mouse brain using whole-brain and single-cell gene expression to identify and characterize cells. It will also cover the genetic dissection of neural circuits, while extending tentacles towards;

- The navigation of gene expression data

- Multiscale connectivity

- Multiscale modelling

- Micro-circuitry reconstruction,

- and series of assessment on learnt lessons

Why Emily’s Course

Throughout her life, Emily has worked as an artificial intelligence expert in the midst of top neuroscientists. She helps them to build data model and simulation techniques whilst also practicing theories and testing inventions for idea alignment. She is exposed to the different levels of approaches to human brain simulation including analysis, modelling and simulation. She has also worked with hundreds of available data tools that provide in-depth knowledge on rain atlases, gene data expression and neurons modelling. With many years of hands-on experience and students’ mentorship in the bag, Emily took her trade to the digital courses industry several years ago. Since then, this course presents as one of her bestselling with tons of positive testimonials. She has therefore decided to push this forward for the benefits of many with a discounted online price, and available packages for self-taught learning which comes much more expensive.

Join the team of learners. Know how your brain works

If not for anything at all, one can decide to learn this course in order to know how their brain works by seizing the opportunity to acquire necessary skills to use the tools and data for personal researches. Regardless of the reasons that you think you need the multi0scale brain course, the next big hit on your mouse is a good way to begin. Fill the form below to register an interest.

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